AI design places spaceships in footage of Bosch and Caravaggio

Synthetic intelligence meets Renaissance artwork

Filippo Nassetti unveiled a collection of AI generated artifacts which integrates the spacecraft into work produced by a few of the most distinguished artists in artwork historical past, together with Hieronymus Bosch, Canaletto and Caravaggio. Italian Architect and Generative Designer Experiments with mid journeya latest type of synthetic intelligence which takes directions to provide unique pictures and imagery. Nassetti assessments the bounds of the brand new software program’s talent, propelling it to provide work within the model of famend figurative artists that embrace spacecraft – objects that artists would by no means have seen or imagined. By way of coaching on a really massive database of historic artifacts and pictures, MidJourney learns the visible language of many historic painters, and creates unique materials that imitates it.

filippo nassetti's AI design puts spacecraft into painted worlds of Bosch and Caravaggio
All pictures produced by Filippo Nassetti utilizing MidJourney

FILIPPO NASSETTI Generates Artwork By way of Textual content

The results of Nassetti’s experiment is a group of science-fiction, virtually like interpretations of the painted world of well-known artists. Their distinctive kinds and strategies are efficiently emulated by AI software program, and the visible language and environments of the unique pictures are reproduced and transferred to create the spacecraft. Objects seem utterly totally different to their landscapes and landscapes contextually, however are stylistically harmonious,

The scale and materiality of the spacecraft varies with respect to every forged. ,They aren’t solely painted within the model of those artists however designed in such a method’, explains Architect and Generative Designer, Among the many assortment of pictures is a canaletto with extremely detailed ships flying over a misty Venetian lagoon, a darkish and dramatic Goya with folks inside a lightweight plane, a deconstructed futuristic Boccioni, a turner the place objects blur with wealthy turbulent skies. , and a Piranesi diagram displaying the heights and sections.

filippo nassetti's AI design puts spacecraft into painted worlds of Bosch and Caravaggio

Center Journey takes on the function of the artist

‘Past this assortment of pictures, I feel it is in all probability a really robust software for idea design,’ Signifies nasties. ,This opens up very new areas for exploration of artwork and design, difficult many current concepts, equivalent to our idea of rights and copyright, the connection between idea and improvement, and the function of know-how. I made a decision to create these pictures to debate the continuing adjustments and new horizons.’

filippo nassetti's AI design puts spacecraft into painted worlds of Bosch and Caravaggio

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